>> Ultra Lightweight Design: using the U-Shaped spool design to creates significant air space

      under the backing, reduction in reel weight, less line coiling, meanwhile dries the backing faster

>> Smooth Drag: non-asbestos and stainless steel drag system with one-way clutch bearing provides

     adjustable and repeatable drag resolution

>> Superior Strength & Rigidity: CNC-machined aerospace aluminum alloy and cold forged process

     to create superior strength and rigidity.

>> Corrosion Resistance: corrosion resistance with hard anodized for surface protection

>> Left-hand and Right-hand Changeable: ergonomic handle which is easy conversion from left to right-hand

Basic information:

Reel Foot Size: 6.3*1.4cm

Width: Inner 2.1cm, outside 3cm

Ball Bearing: 2+1BB

Max Drag: 8kg

--Line Weight 7/8 | Diameter (IN) 3.74 | Ball Bering 2+1BB| Weight(OZ) 5.01 | Gear ratio 1:1| Backing Capacity (yds/lbs) 90/20

--Line Weight 5/6 | Diameter (IN) 3.34 | Ball Bering 2+1BB| Weight(OZ) 4.66 | Gear Ratio 1:1| Backing Capacity (yds/lbs) 70/20

Goture Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Set 5/6 7/8 Rod Combo with Fly Line Fly



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